Discover 9 Essential Technical Virtual Assistant Skills

This article says how technical virtual assistants bring essential skills to optimize business efficiency. Discover nine crucial technical virtual assistant skills for your organization's success

Published on: 06 August 2023 by FlexSpace

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Discover 9 Essential Technical Virtual Assistant Skills

Finding the right virtual assistant (VA) is crucial for any business, and a balance between soft and hard skills is essential.

While soft skills encompass emotional intelligence and personal attributes, hard skills are the technical abilities necessary to perform specific tasks.

Here are nine essential hard virtual assistant skills:

  1. Strong Research Skills: Research is vital for content writers, social media managers, and customer service representatives. It helps in becoming subject matter experts, creating brand awareness campaigns, and handling customer queries effectively. A VA with excellent research skills can work independently, solve problems, and keep the business relevant with up-to-date knowledge.

  2. Calendar Management and Appointment Setting: Managing a busy calendar is crucial for CEOs. An executive assistant can help filter requests for time, organize the schedule, and prioritize tasks, ensuring that the calendar aligns with the CEO's preferences.

  3. Email Management: A virtual assistant with email management experience can handle triaging emails, organizing them using filters and folders, responding on your behalf, and identifying phishing attacks. This skill allows you to focus on essential business tasks.

  4. Basic Knowledge of Online Tools: Familiarity with tools like Google Suite or Microsoft Office is essential for seamless remote team collaboration. VAs should know how to format word documents, organize digital files, send calendar invites, and create presentations.

  5. Reporting: Virtual assistants skilled in reporting can analyze and interpret data, present it using graphs or charts, explain its relevance, share recommendations, and discuss the report during meetings. Proper reporting enables better decision-making and project success.

  6. Bookkeeping: Hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant can save time and money for businesses. They can prepare balance sheets, calculate taxes, pay bills, and reconcile bank accounts.

  7. Uploading and Scheduling Content: Virtual assistants involved in digital marketing must upload and schedule content regularly. They need to double-check posts, schedule them correctly, and format content as per platform requirements.

  8. Basic Customer Service: Virtual assistants handling customer service tasks should be friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the company and its products. They resolve complaints, answer questions, fulfill orders, and manage customer records.

  9. Project Management: Project management skills are valuable for a VA to plot timelines, identify potential risks, and ensure everyone involved stays on track. Having a VA skilled in project management can lead to more directed projects and a more effective team.

Finding a virtual assistant with a blend of soft and hard skills is critical for business success.

While soft skills allow seamless integration into the company's culture, hard skills enable the efficient execution of specific tasks.

By understanding and appreciating both skill sets, businesses can find the ideal virtual assistant to support their operations and growth.

Remember, the success of your virtual assistant depends on the skills they possess and how well they align with your business needs.

A virtual assistant with the right blend of soft and hard skills can become an indispensable asset for your company.

So, invest time in the hiring process, evaluate candidates thoroughly, and choose a virtual assistant who can deliver quality work while fitting into your company's culture.

This holistic approach will lead to a productive and successful partnership, making your virtual assistant a true asset to your team.